Monday, July 6, 2009

Delphi 7 Personal Official Download (56343 KB)


Borland has previously offered a downloadable version of their Delphi IDE called the “Personal edition”. Delphi 7 Personal Edition can be downloaded from the Borland website, even though they no longer advertise it.
Just follow this link:
(but now the link is no longer active)

The MD5 checksum should be:

Recent news from Delphi Official site:

Delphi 7 Personal (keys only)

Delphi 7 Personal is not available for download. If your received the software on a disk bundled with a book or magazine, you can use the following serial number and key to register.

Serial number : YH?Z-2WDEGK-S48529-3AS3
Authorization key : G5N-D95

So where can i download the official Delphi 7 Personal now?
The answer is here, you can choose one of the download server below suite for your country or connection:

After downloaded, you can use this tools to check the MD5, and then compare with the MD5 explain above.

After installing you can invoke the Registration Wizard to register your Delphi.

Of course, read the license.txt file because it has a few restrictions. And keep in mind that no database VCL code is included with the Personal Edition.


Getting Delphi 7 Personal Edition is easy, free and will allow you to explore the Delphi programming experience. But, the lack of database VCL support mean most third-party database components cannot be installed and you will miss some of the most important Delphi RAD features (the database support and data-aware controls).


  1. Udah support karakter unicode belum ya...?

  2. @Silver Fox:
    Delphi 7 personal belum support karakter unicode dan Delphi 7 Personal Edition adalah "kata kunci-nya". Anda tidak bisa menginstall komponen 3rd party (seperti TNTControls) pada edisi ini, kecuali dengan sedikit "hack".

    Berikut referensi komponen 3rd party gratis untuk Delphi 7:

    Semoga membantu.

  3. ehm....
    kalau database nya pakai miliknya zeos apa ga bisa ?

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  6. Kalau Koneksi database Menggunakan TMS Connection Itu Pakek komponen Apa yah.

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