Thursday, July 30, 2009

TMS Async32 v1.3.8.0 FS

TMS Async32 v1.3.8.0 (Oct 22, 2008) is the latest version till now (July 30, 2009).

Official page:

Asynchronous serial communications made easy for your Delphi & C++Builder applications

Feature overview
TMS Async32 is a communications package containing components which provide access to the serial ports under Windows. The

event-driven architecture provides the highest possible performance and allows all the tools to run in the background.

* a proven concept for over 6 years.
* advanced class object structure.
* Advanced but easy to use design interface.
* optimized even t-driven architecture.
* provides the highest possible performance.
* supports all important transfer protocols.
* components to build advanced comport servers.
* easy to use with any type of serial hardware.
* links directly to your EXE, no runtime.
* built-in support for XModem, YModem & ZModem protocols
* codeless terminal component with extendable emulation interface
* component for codeless visualisation of status

Sample applications
Sample applications download pack of all sample applications for Delphi 5,6,7,2005,2006,2007,2009 click here.

Source Code Download

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

BusinessSkinForm v7.47 FS (June 29, 2009)

Official website:

BusinessSkinForm VCL library help you to create applications with skins support for forms, menus, hints, many standard and

DB controls. You can create your skins with special editor. Develop your business applications with BusinessSkinForm VCL!

BusinessSkinForm VCL (more than 120 components) help you to create applications with skins.

Stable, multifunctional package for business applications.

BusinessSkinForm VCL is intended for use with:

* Delphi 5-2009 and also Turbo Delphi
* Turbo C++, C++Builder 5-2009

Download here (564.24KB)

TMS Component Pack v5.2.2.1 FS (Jul 22, 2009)

official website :

Create modern-looking & feature-rich Windows applications faster with over 300 components in one money and time saving bundle.
TMS Component Pack for Delphi & C++Builder includes feature-packed grids, Office 2007 ribbon, Office 2003 style toolbar, planning/scheduling components, advanced edits, toolbars, internet auto application update, Office 2003/2007 style tabs, pager, panel, Outlook navigational controls and much much more...

Download available here:

Components Source Code (7.59 MB)

Samples Source Code (9.54 MB)

Help File for Delphi 7 (6.75MB)

Help File for Delphi 2009 (7.69 MB)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

VCLSkin v5.40 FS

Delphi VCLSkin v5.40

website :
email :

VCLSkin is a component to create skinnable user interface for Delphi/C++Builder application, It is easy to use, just put one component on mainform, Vclskin will skin whole application without source code modification.

Vclskin is leader in this field, Vclskin support most third-part controls in market, there isn't a competitor was able to support 3rd-part controls as many as Vclskin.

VclSkin automatically skin kinds of windows in application, include Delphi forms,MDIform and common Windows dialogs (MsgBox,Open/Save,Font,Print), even the Exception MsgBox.

Vclskin not only support Delphi standard controls, but also support many third-party component, such as TMS Grid pack, EnLib Grid, Developer Express QuantumGrid. It is an excellent choice for those wanting to skin existing applications. The cool thing is that it uses existing VCL components.

Download here (453.11 KB)

FormMagnet v2.2.4 FS

FormMagnet 2.2.4 for Delphi and C++ Builder 6-2006 Compiled Packages

The FormMagnet allows to magnetize your forms to an edges of screen / work area, borders of parent window and to other forms.
Forms can glue each others, so when user moves the form, others, "glued" forms will be moved too.
With FormMagnet, your forms can looks and feels like windows of famous WinAmp player.

With FormMagnet forms obtains following abilities:
1. to be attracted to edges of screen or work area (considering placement of task / appbars)
2. to be attracted to borders of parent form (for child windows).
3. to attract other forms (with FormMagnet on them) to itself.
4. to glue other forms to itself (when user move form, others, attached forms will be moved too)
5. to move forms, dragging by client area.

Download here (62KB)

Flatstyle v2.0 FS

Author: Maik Pokert
website may be no longer active.

FlatStyle included today 16 Components: TFlatButton, TFlatSpeedButton, TFlatCheckBox, TFlatRadioButton, TFlatEdit, TFlatProgressBar, TFlatMemo, TFlatHint, TFlatTabControl, TFlatListBox, TFlatComboBox, TFlatAnimWnd, TFlatAnimation, TFlatSound, TFlatGauge and TFlatSplitter. All Components look like MS Money und MS Encarta.

Download here (501 KB)

AutoUpgrader Pro v5.0.2 FS

Official Info

Advanced AutoUpgrader component which allows to make your software "auto-upgradable" software without single line of code! It contains built-in "Application Update Wizard", built-in multi-language support (it automatically recognize language used on user's PC and displays all messages in native language). The AutoUpgrader can download your files either from the Web or local intraweb.

Current version automatically translates all wizard's contents to 27 languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Russian, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Chinese and many others. However, if you don't want to use built-in Wizard, you still can make customized
progress-dialogs using numerous events.

If you store newer version of your program in password protected Web directories, you can pre-configure the username/password to access files, or let the AutoUpgrader to prompt login information from user when it's necessary.

With AutoUpgrader your customers will use only latest versions of your software! Package contains two bonus components from AppControls pack:
auHTTP (WinInet-based HTTP client which also supports file uploading, introduced in RFC1867, Internet Explorer's cache etc) and auThread (easy to use thread component which also works on ActiveForms of D6 and D7).

AutoUpgrader compatible with Delphi 2/3/4/5/6/7/2005, BDS 2006/2007 and BCB 3/4/5/6, has been tested on Win95, Win95OSR2, Win98, WinME, NT4, Win2K, WinXP and Vista.

Download Here (307.64 KB)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Tips Explorer 2008

Tips Explorer 2008
The Ultimate Arsenal for Delphi Programmers

Tips Explorer 2008 is a database of more than 3,000 tips on Delphi programming. The tips were taken from the most prestigous web sites in the Delphi community.


Tips Explorer 2008 is freeware. You can use it anywhere, anytime, give it to anyone. But, you must distribute it as a whole with the installer. You can't modify anypart of the application or the database.

I don't take responsibilty if the the program blows up your computer, deletes all your porn collections, or even makes you forget to eat. I can guarantee that Tips Explorer 2008 is free of spyware, virus and trojan. At least when it left my computer :)

Don't blame me if the tips in the database don't work as they claimed to be. I didn't write them!

I have tried my best to compile the database as it should be: the right tips from the the right author taken from the right website. But if there is a mistake, please inform me and I'll fix it.


Tips Explorer 2008 uses Firebird 1.5 Embedded version. I made Tips Explorer 2008 to check whether there is a running version of FireBird service and then use that service instead of the embedded engine. However, in certain situations where Tips Explorer 2008 do not run, it is best that you turn off the installed Firebird Service, then run Tips Explorer 2008 afterwards.
When you are browsing in a selected criteria, for example a category, then you activate the Tips Editor

(c) 2003-2008 - ONEz

Download available here:
Size : 2.61 MB
MD5 : AADE51698A401A84A83613EB59EE903E

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Why I Use Delphi

Why I Use Delphi
by Nick Bradbury

Every now and then someone will ask why I develop my software using Delphi. After all, there are more "modern" languages for Windows like C#. And besides, Delphi is going to die eventually, right?

Funny thing is, 15 years ago when I was developing HomeSite I was getting razzed by some geeks for using a development tool that they said would soon disappear. And yet 15 years later I'm still going strong writing software in Delphi.

Here's why:

1. Speed.
Delphi isn't an interpreted language – it compiles to machine code, making it exceptionally fast. Delphi's string handling is particularly fast, which is important when developing a string-heavy application (such as HomeSite, TopStyle or FeedDemon).
2. No runtime.
Languages such as C# and VB.NET require the .NET runtime, which is a separate 20MB+ download for customers that don't already have it. I don't want to worry about whether potential customers have the .NET runtime installed, or have the correct version installed – I just want them to download my software and use it without any additional headaches. The latest version of FeedDemon is a mere 3.4MB download (yes, download size still matters), and no additional download is required.
3. Startup time.
Related to the above, well-designed Delphi applications start quickly because they don't have to wait for any runtime to load (assuming it's not already loaded). To me, this is a critical benefit. Applications that take a long time to load have a low perceived performance, regardless of how fast they are once they're loaded.
4. It's not created by Microsoft.
Don't take this as vague Microsoft bashing, because I like much of what Microsoft does (if I didn't, I wouldn't write software for Windows). However, past experience with Microsoft development tools has taught me that they're willing to sacrifice the needs of developers in order to push forward their agenda. I like the fact that Delphi is created by a group of dedicated programmers whose single goal is to make it the best development tool possible.

I realize that many Windows developers are put off by the fact that ownership of Delphi has changed hands so many times, but I see that as a testament to how strong the Delphi community is. By many accounts, the latest version of Delphi is the best yet, so if you're writing software for Windows and are lucky enough to be able to choose your development tool, you should give Delphi serious consideration.

BTW, I'm far from the only one to develop a popular application with Delphi – for example, Skype, Ad-Aware and Macromedia Captivate were also developed with Delphi, and there are plenty of other well-known Delphi applications.

Thanks to Nick Bradbury for his great article.

Delphi 2007 Handbook

Book Details
Author : Marco Cantù
Publisher: Self - Printed and sold on
ISBN : Not Assigned
Published: September 2007
Price : 36.50 USD (about 28 Euros)

The guide to what's new in Delphi 2007 for Win32, from the best-selling author of the Mastering Delphi series. The book covers changes in the CodeGear product, focusing on new features of the Delphi IDE, the Object Pascal languages, the RTL and VCL, the Vista support, the dbExpress architecture, and much more.

Table of Contents
The book has 258 pages of technical material, covering (detailed TOC now available, see below):

* The Delphi 2007 IDE (22 pages)
* Code Templates and Refactoring (24 pages)
* Project Management and MSBuild (12 pages)
* The Debugger (4 pages)
* Recent Updates to the Delphi Language (30 pages)
* Core Run-Time Library Changes (10 pages)
* Changes in the VCL (14 pages)
* Memory Management and Robust Applications (28 pages)
* Windows Vista and the VCL (30 pages)
* Database Support and dbExpress 4 (30 pages)
* InstallAware and Other Tools (16 pages)
* Upgrading Existing Projects to Delphi 2007 (14 pages)

About Author
Marco Cantù is the author of the best-selling Mastering Delphi book series and is considered a prominent figure in the Delphi community. He was one of the recipients of the “Spirit of Delphi” award in 1999, together with Dutch Delphi guru Bob Swart. His Mastering Delphi books won two "Delphi Magazine Readers' Choice Awards". Marco has spoken at dozens of Borland/CodeGear conferences in the US and Europe, and has offered consulting and training throughout the world.

Source Code License
The author created example code in this publication expressly for the free use by its readers. The source code for this book is copyrighted freeware, distributed via the web site The copyright prevents you from republishing the code in print media without permission. Readers are granted limited permission to use this code in their applications, as long at the code itself is not distributed, sold, or commercially exploited as a stand-alone product. Permission to add limited pieces of code to your application is fine, regardless of the application's license.

Aside from this specific exception concerning source code, no part of this publication may be stored in a retrieval system, transmitted, or reproduced in any way, in the original or in a translated language, including but not limited to photocopy, photograph, magnetic, or other record, without the prior agreement and written permission of the publisher.

Download the e-book and source code here:
Source Code

Source Code

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Tomes of Delphi - Win32 Core API Windows 2000 Edition

Book Details
* Paperback: 700 pages
* Publisher: Wordware Publishing, Inc. (December 15, 2001)
* Language: English
* ISBN-10: 1556227507
* ISBN-13: 978-1556227509

The Tomes of Delphi 3: Win32 Core API, the first book in Wordware’s best-selling Tomes of Delphi series, has been updated and revised for Windows 2000. This new edition is the most accessible and definitive reference to 32-bit versions of Delphi, providing an accurate and comprehensive guide to the Microsoft Windows application programming interface. The Tomes of Delphi: Win32 Core API— Windows 2000 Edition covers the most common Windows API functions, from window creation and message processing functions to memory management and text output functions. Each function entry includes the syntax, a description of what the function does, a list and description of parameters, acceptable constant values, return values, cross-references to related functions, and an example of its use in Delphi’s Object Pascal. Whether you’re an experienced Delphi programmer with a working knowledge of Windows programming or an intermediate Delphi programmer, this book will help you to extend the functionality of Delphi components and objects, and demonstrate what the Win32 API can do for you.

About the Author
John Ayres works at American Microsystems, a manufacturer of bar code scanning technology, in Dallas, Texas. He is a former officer of the Delphi Developers of Dallas users group and is the author of The Tomes of Delphi: Win32 Shell API—Windows 2000 Edition and Delphi Graphics and Game Programming Exposed! with DirectX 7.0.

Download the e-book here:

The Tomes of Delphi - Developer's Guide to Troubleshooting

Book Details
* Paperback: 528 pages
* Publisher: Wordware Publishing, Inc. (June 2001)
* Language: English
* ISBN-10: 1556228163
* ISBN-13: 978-1556228162

This book is an expanded and updated edition of Clay Shannon's previous book, Developer's Guide to Delphi Troubleshooting, which received the following praise: "One specialized reference I found particularly useful was Clay Shannon's Developer's Guide to Delphi Troubleshooting, which is essentially an encyclopedia of Delphi error messages. If you've been programming for years in Delphi (or Turbo Pascal, for that matter), you'll encounter some 'old friends' here. At first I wondered if there would be anything new for me. I didn't have to wait long. Within a few days of receiving this valuable reference, one of the error explanations saved me hours of needless effort in getting an API call to work.
Alan C. Moore "File | New" columnist for Delphi Informant

The revised The Tomes of Delphi: Developer's Guide to Troubleshooting covers all versions of Delphi, including Delphi 6. This book is an alphabetical reference to nearly 800 design-time, compile-time, and run-time error messages of Borland's Delphi Object Pascal language. Error message entries include an explanation of what actions or omissions may have caused the error message, how to quickly resolve the problem, and how to avoid receiving the error message in the future. Code samples clearly demonstrate how to eliminate the errors.

About the Author
Clay Shannon is a Borland-certified Delphi 5 developer and Delphi Informant's "Best Practices" columnist. He has worked as a technical writer and Delphi developer, and is currently an independent Delphi consultant in Wisconsin. Shannon is also the author of Developer's Guide to Delphi Troubleshooting.

Download the e-book here:

The Tomes of Delphi : Basic 32-Bit Communications Programming

The Tomes of Delphi : Basic 32-Bit Communications Programming

Book Details
Publisher : Wordware Publishing, Inc.
ISBN : 1556227523X
Published : 2002
Filetype : PDF
Pages : 555 pages

Developer's Guide to Delphi Communications is another addition to the highly successful Delphi series from Wordware. This is the only title on the market that provides a comprehensive overview to the communications capability of Delphi relative to the major communications protocols, such as TCP/IP, MAPI, SMTP, and HTTP.

Download available here:

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sams - Delphi 6 Developer's Guides

Book Details
* Paperback : 1200 pages
* Publisher : Sams (December 17, 2001)
* Language : English
* ISBN-10 : 0672321157
* ISBN-13 : 978-0672321153

Book Description
Borland Delphi 6 Developer's Guide is a new edition of the #1 best-selling Delphi book by authors Steve Teixeira and Xavier Pacheco. Steve and Xavier are of the winners of the Delphi Informant Reader's Choice Award for both Delphi 4 Developer's Guide and Delphi 5 Developer's Guide.

Borland Delphi 6 Developer's Guide is completely updated for Delphi 6 and includes in-depth coverage on Borland's new CLX architecture, DBExpress Applications, SOAP, CORBA, WebSnap and BizSnap features. It continues as a complete reference and authoritative guide to the newest version of Delphi.

e-Book download available here (6.57 MB):

Delphi 2009 Handbook

Delphi 2009 Handbook

Book Details
Author : Marco Cantù
Publisher : Wintech Italia
Pages : 400.
Release Date: December 1st, 2008
Price : 48.50 USD -- about 36 Euro

About the author
Marco Cantù is the author of the best-selling Mastering Delphi book series and is considered a prominent figure in the Delphi community. He was one of the recipients of the “Spirit of Delphi” award in 1999, together with Dutch Delphi guru Bob Swart. His Mastering Delphi books won two "Delphi Magazine Readers' Choice Awards". Marco has spoken at dozens of Borland/CodeGear conferences in the US and Europe, and has offered consulting and training throughout the world.

The book covers all the new featrues of Delphi 2009 for Win32, from Unicode support to generics, from anonymous methods to other language enhancements, from new IDE features to the Ribbon control, from Vista-enabled controls to DataSnap 2009. This
is a brand new book, there is no overlapping material with the Delphi 2007 Handbook!

The Delphi 2009 Handbook has 400 pages covering exclusively new Delphi 2009 features. There is no introduction material or anything like that. The book is for developers who use Delphi 2007. If not, consider buying also the Delphi 2007 Handbook.

Chapters List

This is the list of the book chapters:

Part I: Unicode

* Chapter 1: What is Unicode?
* Chapter 2: The UnicodeString Type
* Chapter 3: Porting to Unicode

Part II: Delphi 2009 and Its Compiler

* Chapter 4: New IDE Features
* Chapter 5: Generics
* Chapter 6: Anonymous Methods
* Chapter 7: More Language and RTL Changes

Part III: VCL and Databases

* Chapter 8: VCL Improvements
* Chapter 9: COM Support in Delphi 2009
* Chapter 10: The Ribbon
* Chapter 11: Datasets and dbExpress
* Chapter 12: DataSnap 2009

Download is avaialable on the Code Central site of CodeGear. You need a valid login to downlaod.
Delphi 2009 Handbook
Delphi 2009 Handbook Source Code

Or you can also download the handbook and source from here:
Delphi 2009 Handbook
Delphi 2009 Handbook Source Code


Delphi 2009 Handbook
Delphi 2009 Handbook Source Code

The Firebird Book: A Reference for Database Developers

Although less publicized than other open source database management systems, Firebird continues to gain a dedicated following of professional users. Figures have already reached hundreds of thousands worldwide, in Firebirds short three-year history in open source. And until now, no other book has been available.

This is the first, official book on Firebird the free, independent, open source relational database server that emerged in 2000. Based on the actual Firebird Project, this book will provide you all you need to know about Firebird database development, like installation, multi-platform configuration, SQL language, interfaces, and maintenance.

This comprehensive guide will help you build stable and scalable relational database back-ends for all sizes of client/server networks. The text is well-stocked with tips, code examples, and explanations to reinforce the material covered. This book concentrates on Firebird edition 1.5 complete with updated language, security and optimization features without neglecting the needs of Firebird 1.0 users.

Author Information
Helen Borrie

Helen Borrie is a database and application developer, a member of the Firebird project team, and a former journalist who doubles as a technical writer. She is a frequent contributor to support lists for Firebird, InterBase, and Delphi database programming.

Book Details

* Published Aug 2004
* ISBN10: 1-59059-279-4
* ISBN13: 978-1-59059-279-3
* Pages : 1128 pp.
* Price : $79.99
* eBook Price: $55.99

Download the e-book and SQL script here:
e-Book (5.48 MB)
SQL Script (29.25 KB)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Marco Cantù - Mastering Delphi 7

Mastering Delphi 7

Author : Marco Cantù
Publisher : Sybex Inc.
ISBN : 0-7821-2874-2
Published : February 26th 2003
Price : USD 59.99

Mastering Delphi 7 (MD7) is a new edition of the best-selling Mastering Delphi series written by Marco Cantù and translated to a number of languages.

Mastering Delphi 7 is the completely revised and updated edition of the industry's favorite Delphi programming book, and offers the most complete coverage of Delphi 7 programming available anywhere. The book already won two "Delphi Magazine Readers' Choice Awards" and Marco received the "Spirit of Delphi" award also for this effort.

Download the e-book and source code here:
e-Book (20.51 MB)
Source Code (2.14 MB)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Delphi 7 Personal Official Download (56343 KB)


Borland has previously offered a downloadable version of their Delphi IDE called the “Personal edition”. Delphi 7 Personal Edition can be downloaded from the Borland website, even though they no longer advertise it.
Just follow this link:
(but now the link is no longer active)

The MD5 checksum should be:

Recent news from Delphi Official site:

Delphi 7 Personal (keys only)

Delphi 7 Personal is not available for download. If your received the software on a disk bundled with a book or magazine, you can use the following serial number and key to register.

Serial number : YH?Z-2WDEGK-S48529-3AS3
Authorization key : G5N-D95

So where can i download the official Delphi 7 Personal now?
The answer is here, you can choose one of the download server below suite for your country or connection:

After downloaded, you can use this tools to check the MD5, and then compare with the MD5 explain above.

After installing you can invoke the Registration Wizard to register your Delphi.

Of course, read the license.txt file because it has a few restrictions. And keep in mind that no database VCL code is included with the Personal Edition.


Getting Delphi 7 Personal Edition is easy, free and will allow you to explore the Delphi programming experience. But, the lack of database VCL support mean most third-party database components cannot be installed and you will miss some of the most important Delphi RAD features (the database support and data-aware controls).

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Delphi 7.1 Update - Database supplemental

Release Notes

The Delphi 7.1 Database supplemental contains updated database runtime and source files for Delphi 7. The files in this update are intended only to address defects that were introduced in the Delphi 7.1 update.

You should install the Delphi 7.1 update before installing these files.

IMPORTANT: Delphi must be closed before installing this update.


Special installation instructions

* Back up your existing files.
Replace them with the files contained in this download.

* Extract the files from the .zip file over the Delphi7
install directory (using the path information).

* Copy the contents of the delphi70\windows\system32
directory to the \windows\system32 directory of the
active operating system (again, backup first).

The update file is provided here, if you doesn't a Borland (now Codegear) registered user:

Download below (828.66 KB) :
Choose one of the download server suite for your country, or try another if the download server is busy.

Delphi 7.1 Enterprise Official Update 1

Release Notes

This file contains important supplemental and late-breaking
information that may not appear in the main product
documentation, and supersedes information contained in other
documents, including previously installed release notes.
Borland recommends that you read this file in its entirety.

NOTE: If you are updating a localized version of Delphi 7,
visit the Borland Registered User web site to obtain a
localized readme file that may contain important late-
breaking information not included in this readme file.

IMPORTANT: Delphi must be closed before installing this


* This update can not be applied to Delphi 7 Architect Trial version.
* This update can not be removed after it is installed.
* You will need the original Delphi 7 installation CD available
to install this update.
* To install this update from the CD, insert the CD, and launch
the d7_ent_upd1.exe file appropriate for your locale.

The update file is provided here, if you doesn't a Borland (now Codegear) registered user:

Download below (10.92 MB):
Choose one of the download server suite for your country, or try another if the download server is busy.
Deposit File